Friday, July 06, 2007

One good, one bad

Since we don't have class on Monday, a bunch of the gals from my teaching program are getting together for a game night. I'm bringing Apples to Apples.

I still can hardly believe how many awesome people I've met in my teaching program. These aren't just people I hang out with only in class, either. We're constantly hanging out and doing fun things outside of class. When I think of the number of people I hang out with that I met in college (all of which I know from band. I swear, all my friends play saxophone), I'm even more amazed that I've made so many friends so quickly. Of course, it probably helps that we're all in the same classes and most of our classes involve discussion and projects instead of straight test&lecture. Still, the sheer concentration of nice people (and people who are outgoing enough to lure me into conversation) just defies all odds.

While we're on the subject of people, I've got to complain about the crossing of a line. Crossing of The Line, really. That line where things suddenly become uncomfortable. There's a guy at work who is always talking to me. He's in the office diagonal from mine and we can see each other from our desks, so I suppose it makes sense. While we were talking, he offered me the fortune cookie from his lunch. Having just eaten two, I refused, but we wound up talking about fortune cookies anyway.

Guy: "You know how you're supposed to read these, right? The trick?"

Teacher A: [looking around uncomfortably] "Um... yeah. Maybe? I think so." Please don't say it, you're older than my dad.

G: "Well, the way you're supposed to read it is..."

TA: [turns around and walks toward her desk]

G: "... 'between the sheets.' That's how they make sense. 'Between the sheets.'"

TA: Noooooo. [grabs cup and heads to water cooler]

See that there? That was the line. Totally crossed it. I could see it happening, but there was no way to stop it. Mind the line!


alyndabear said...

Okay, that right there would creep me out. Completely. Definitely crossed the line!

Oh, I've never heard of Apples to Apples before. But I do love games. :)

How's the wedding stuff going?

Teacher Anonymous said...

Apples to Apples is awesome. It's quite random and arbitrary, which always adds an element of excitement.

Wedding stuff is... well, not much has happened. I'm on the waiting list for the place we want, but they only finalize the list in November and groups staying at UCSD get priority (summer camps, conferences, and the like), so I won't know if I've got it for sure until then. It's a bit nerve wracking! Fortunately, the lady says that August is usually not a busy time, so it should be fine.