Monday, November 27, 2006

A hates Mondays

Ugh. I don't know how people do it (especially teachers who got the whole of last week off). I could hardly drag myself out of bed (the prospect of a luke-warm shower doesn't help any. It has finally gotten cool enough here that a warm shower is a necessity) and my brain had obviously abandoned me. I had to return to the house twice before I finally got going for good. At first, I left the house in plenty of time, thinking I'd be able to put some oil in my car. I made it as far as the parking lot, when I realized that the power bill needed to be sent out TODAY (technically, it was due yesterday. Oops!). I went back, paid the bill, and dropped it off at the mailbox on the way to my car. This second time I made it onto the freeway before I realized that I had forgotten my phone, and so I had to get off at the next ramp and do a quick 180. Back home I went, and I then made the foolish mistake of running from my car towards my apartment. It had been misting out, you see, and Vans just don't have the most traction. I slipped as I tried to turn onto the path; luckily I was able to direct my fall onto the (wet) grass. Aside from a wet and grassy ass, I was pretty much unharmed. Grabbed the phone and off I went. When I got out the car, I realized that it was raining on the coast and I didn't have my umbrella. Too late now, I suppose.

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