Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A winter wonderland

When I went down to the main office, the secretary had just started putting up the Christmas decorations, which I found very disturbing for two reasons:

1. There is still a month and a half (and one major holiday) until Christmas. It's just too early, plus the weather isn't even wintry right now (it's actually been rather hot out lately, and the temperature is currently 70* F. Not winter at all).

2. I work for a public institution. These people are all state employees, and we don't even have a "Christmas" break. Christmas decorations just seem wrong, somehow.


kari said...

um, given that you live in san diego, i'm not sure waiting for "wintry" weather is necessarily a good stance for decorating. however, your other points are well taken.

and, to be totally uncouth and comment on two different posts in one comment, your convo with the salesman was a crack-up. i'm totally going to do that the next time i need to get rid of someone at my door.

Melissa said...

It is too early. I have a lot of turkey and pie to get through before I start to decorate.