Sunday, November 12, 2006

A musical dilemma

So yesterday my brain decided that it is time to think about music for the wedding. I'm not sure what kind of time table it's on, being a year and a half out, but whatever. I went through my music collection, as I want the songs played to be songs I actually like, but then I realized that most of the music I have you can't dance to. Perhaps it is because I'm usually just listening to music in the car or while working, but it really just isn't the right kind of music. What sort of music do people dance to at weddings, anyway? Fast? Slow? I have no idea. I should have paid more attention at the last wedding I attended.

I started to think about what sort of song R and I might dance to, as we are not dancing people and don't have "a song." Fortunately, there's this Aerosmith power ballad that we always wind up hearing when we set off for trips (somehow, we've always got the same mix CD in the stereo), so we decided that that would do. I also tried to figure out what song to dance to with my dad, and while I've got a likely candidate, I think that I will need a little more time to think. My big question right now is: am I supposed to dance with R's dad? Do I need to have some sort of official dance, or am I just going to be dancing with a whole bunch of people including his dad? I'm so confused.


Mrs.Chili said...

Well, a lot of your questions you get to answer YOURSELF, you know. Don't be afraid to do what YOU want to do, even if it varies from what all the magazines say.

My husband's cousin got married this summer,and there was MUCH dancing. Mostly fast stuff - top 40 and such - and a bunch of disco and some really fun alternative stuff (Rock Lobster and the like). Are you planning on hiring a DJ? If so, you don't have to worry about musical selection - not only do DJs have all the music already, but they know which songs are fun at parties.

I've got some suggestions, if you want them, for 'meaningful' songs....

The Grammar Snob said...

My sister's wedding was this past weekend. I'll jot down some highs and lows and get back to you, how's that?

~Grammar Snob