Saturday, November 04, 2006

A perfect dessert (almost)

I'm very proud of myself, as this evening I reached for a pear as a snack instead of something filled with sugar. We had dinner very early this evening, as we kind of skipped lunch (our plans for the day having been completely disrupted. Damn you, Frisbee Golf Championships, for keeping us off the Frisbee golf course!), so just a moment ago I was really in need of a nibble. The thrill of the pear wasn't so much that I don't like fruits or vegetables. Oh, no, quite to the contrary (almost freakishly so, according to R), however I can't seem to help myself whenever we have candy in the house. Being the week after Halloween (and only one incredibly cute trick or treater) coupled with the fact that we hadn't been shopping in ages and the only green thing in the house was a half-dead bunch of cilantro, this has meant the ingestion of large amounts on candy. So joy! Rejoice in the eating of a pear! It would have been the perfect dessert, if only it had actually been a good pear.

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