Friday, November 24, 2006

A Thanksgiving revelation

Yesterday I got to find out where my name came from. I had asked about it before, but apparently I was asking the wrong person, because apparently it was my dad who picked out my name. My mom had always just said that they both liked it. There's more to it, though. I was actually named after a person.

"It all started with this gal I knew..."
(whole family groans, I'm suddenly afraid I'm named after some girl my dad slept with)
(Dad rolls his eyes)
"When she was 16, she had ovarian cancer and had to have everything removed. Now, this would have thrown most people for a loop, but when it was all over hear feet never touched the ground. She got straight A's in high school, and went on to college. She was also a terrific athlete. I met her when she was dating one of my friends, and she was just way too much for him. I got to talking with her one evening and I was just so impressed."

So, there you go. I'm named after some woman who was kicking ass and taking names long before I was born. He probably met her even before he met my mom, which means that she was impressive enough for him to name his daughter after her 15 or more years after they met. That's pretty cool.

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Mrs.Chili said...

That's a better name story than mine. My mother wanted to name me Clancy, and my father was having none of it. When the nurse came around with the birth certificate, my mother was still too stoned on the drugs they were giving delivering women in the 60s, so my father named me. The story goes that I got the name I have because it was something he could spell.