Friday, November 03, 2006

A sad day for A

Well, maybe a better title would be "A sad disappointing trip to the mall for A," as the day up until that point was exhausting and a little frustrating, but not really disappointing. The class I tutor took another trip to the community lab at Biogen Idec, this time to do gel electrophoresis. Aside from the fact that pipetting the samples into the wells seemed to be more that a couple of groups could handle, it was really fun.

No, the day was alright up until I got to the mall. Today was the day that I finally moved out of American Eagle's target bracket. I've been wearing their jeans for a long time, as their pants have got just a touch of spandex, which is perfect for those of us who have a booty. Given the fit of pants in stores, you would think that the country is getting skinnier and assless, though the converse is actually the case. Anyway, today when I went into the store I found that they no longer have the one style I like (low cut but not obscene), but rather have made all their jeans have the same waistline: skanky (due to customer demand, the sales guy said). Apparently hos are a big demographic (or the younger generation is dressing really slutty). Unfortunately, this means I now have to find a new place to buy jeans, which is just about the worst thing I can imagine. Nothing is quite so horrible as the prospect of hours upon hours of trying on jeans.

After that depressing experience, I went to EB to see if they had released Guitar Hero II early, and wound up having a "discussion" about how they're not allowed to and how the stores that are can get big fines (not that that is apparently stopping Target, but whatever). I then went to the watch store to get a new band put on R's watch and the lady at the counter said that the watchmaker had to do it (even though I've had that same damn lady replace the band on the same watch right before my eyes), and that it wouldn't be ready until Monday afternoon. Great.

The only good event was going to Victoria's Secret, as I had a coupon for a free pair of underwear (which can make any day a bit brighter). While I was there I bought a much-needed racerback bra, and the only one they had that wasn't padded turned out to give my boobies much va va voom, so that was nice. Plus, apparently buying that bra also got me a small stuffed dog, which is so turning into a cat toy as soon as I can get its little dog tag off. Yes, today is indeed a cat bites dog day.


kari said...

ah, i had that horrible jeans moment with express. i used to always buy my jeans from express because they had the long jeans (and my legs are freakishly long), but then one day, i went to buy my favorite boot cut pair, and they had changed to having all "super low rise" or "ultra low rise" jeans. i was shocked and appalled, and i think i even cried a little. but i found a new home at the gap, where the "long and lean" styles are the loves of my (denim) life.

oh, and i found you through the nablopomo randomizer. i'm also in a graduate program training to become a teacher. so glad to have found you! :)

e-Lizabeth said...

Ooooh the jeans trying on thing can be so awful. So sorry to hear your faves are all skanked out now. :(

Thanks for the blog visit and the sneezing sympathies. Dude, we totally need a support group! :)