Sunday, November 26, 2006

A thank you letter

This quarter last year I took a class which involved tutoring at a local middle school. At the end of the term we were expected to write a note to the class in order to say good bye and to thank them for the experience. We didn't actually have to give the note to the class, though I think most of us did, but we did have to turn in a copy to be graded. Something about being graded on a thank you note obviously messed with my mind, because, somewhere along the way, I turned into Jane Austen. It could be that I was just in a dramatic phase, or the shock of having to write something other than a lab report stirred up my literary leanings (I did want to include the phrase "drink deeply from the cup of knowledge" in the group project report), but in any case, here is the result:

Dear Class,
At this time of parting, I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for the wonderful experiences I have had assisting all of you in your studies. Although I have only spent ten short weeks with you, I shall forever remember this time with fondness. You were my very first class, and tutoring you was everything I could have hoped for. I decided to take the tutoring class to decide whether or not I wanted to pursue teaching as a career, and being with you all has been such a wonderful experience that I am now sure that teaching is the job for me. Every Monday and Wednesday my worldly cares were banished while walking to The X School. Each day was a joyful experience. You all have been so nice, saying hi to me in the halls and when I arrive. Aiding you in the journey of learning has been very enlightening. Throughout my time here, I have rejoiced in your successes and been pleased to help you when you are not quite where you need to be. Even when you do not know the answers, your thought process is always creative as you attempt to find a logical answer for the questions before you. I feel fortunate to have spent time will all of you, with your inquisitive minds and quirky personalities. Through these weeks, I have been able to watch you learn, acquiring both greater knowledge and better study habits (I noticed you all seemed to take more time on this second test than you did on the first one). I know you will all do well if you apply yourselves. You are all quite intelligent, even those whose grades are not so good, and I know that you all have the abilities to achieve your aspirations. I wish you all the best.

If you see me around, please take a moment to say hello. I would love to hear how you all are doing.


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