Saturday, February 02, 2008

Learning from one's elders

My grandparents are in town. Even though most of the time our discussion are about fairly abstract concepts (politics, the economy), they did choose to pass on one excellent nugget of parenting advice to the "potential mothers." When your toddler is throwing a tantrum (the fling-yourself-on-the-floor, fists and feet flailing type), what you need to do it to pick them up, place them in the shower, and turn the cold water on. After that, they tend not to do it again. My mom and her younger brother had the treatment once, but my older, more stubborn uncle had to get it twice (and was quite incensed, in his tiny way, that they threw him in with his shoes on). Definitely something to remember.

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Geggie said...

Aren't you supposed to spray fighting cats and dogs with water to separate them, too? Hey, I guess an animal is an animal and that includes 2 year old humans!