Monday, February 11, 2008

Now the planning begins in earnest

R and I talked with the caterer today. At least, we thought we were there to just talk about the food. It turns out that the university catering basically does all the wedding planning as well. Very helpful, but a little overwhelming.

Our contact is a woman who has organized many a wedding, leaving her much wiser in the ways of "setup" and "flow" than R and myself are. We've decided to take her recommendation and make a seating chart, even though that was one thing I really didn't want to do. I suppose it makes sense, but it seems like torture. I make enough seating charts!

I'm thinking we might go for this invitation in ore. I had been thinking green, but the green offered is a little too yellow. The ceremony is probably going to be in earthy blues and greens, so I suppose I could go with either without a problem (as an interesting aside, I really recommend this article on tetrachromats).


Anonymous said...

OMG you HAVE to make a seating chart. I went stag to a wedding without a seating chart and it felt like the jr. high school lunchroom all over again. Was I cool enough to hang out with those people, or should I cut my losses and sit at the table with the 5 year olds? Totally awkward. But it was also awkward in general going stag. However, no seating chart just makes the stag people feel even more awkward, if that is at all possible.


Teacher Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know that it was just me who found them odd. I had this nagging fear that people would be annoyed if I assigned seats.