Saturday, February 09, 2008

Post-Disneyland thoughts

1. Fastpass tickets can be used at any time after their printed return time, not just for the stated one hour window. This makes much more useful than previously thought, as they are no longer an appointment to be worried over, but instead give you several free trips to a shorter line.

2. Girls, what is up with all the screaming? Having contests to see who can be the most annoying will lead to your death, probably by some disgruntled tourist. By the way, the girl who screamed like a fire alarm ("Eee! Eee! Eee!") definitely won.

3. Always bring painkillers in your bag.


alyndabear said...

I always wondered how the fast pass tickets work - can you just use them over and over again cutting the queue?

I need to get up to speed on this by August, when I'm visiting! :D

Screaming is irritating.

Teacher Anonymous said...

Fast pass tickets are one time use--they collect them to make sure no one cuts through the fast pass line. You can get one every several hours and use it any time after the initial time on the ticket (though the ticket says to return during a one hour window). In practice, you wind up getting to cut past most of the line on a long ride three or four times per day.

The best strategy is to rush to a big, popular ride when the park first opens, grab a fast pass and ride it while the line is still short. You can then come back later and ride it again. Alternately, you could get a pass for a popular ride as you are rushing to another popular ride while the lines are still short.