Thursday, February 07, 2008

Student sympathy

"Miss A, you just don't get no respect."

I could only shake my head in agreement that no, I wasn't. I think my exhaustion was palpable. The vice principal had just brought in a student from one of my other classes. She had cursed at me this morning in Spanish, but was claiming that she said "burra" rather than "puta." Luckily, the vice principal seemed more inclined to take my word over hers, particularly as she has been in his office quite frequently of late, so I didn't have to pull out my BCLAD to verify my knowledge of Spanish. This was after coaxing a student to give up the contraband Sharpie she had been chasing her friend with. She claimed it was a different pen, but the lines of black ink on both their faces betrayed the truth. Only after patiently detailing my desire to not call security, but that I would if I needed to search their stuff, did they finally hand over the pens.

On the upside, yet another one of my students was suspended today (that makes three, from a total of four classes that I teach). A reduction in their numbers can only help.

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